Unveiling the new Sabers goalie coach - Juha Kanervisto

by Fiona Long

Juha Kanervisto's journey with hockey began in Lahti, Finland where at the age of 7 he took his first strides on the ice, wearing the goal tender’s gear. Little did he know, this initial spark would ignite a passion that would reshape his life’s path. Progressing steadily through the junior ranks of his hometown team, his talent caught the eye of many. Eventually, he earned his place on the men’s team of what is now known as the Lahti Pelicans in the prestigious Finish League. At 19 years old in 1985, Juha’s skillfulness earned him a coveted spot as one of the three goalies for team Finland’s U20 squad, marking the beginning of an illustrious career on the ice. 

However, Juha’s contributions to the hockey world extend far beyond his stellar performances as a player. With a desire to give back to the sport that had given him so much, he transitioned seamlessly into coaching. From San Diego California, Juha has dedicated himself to nurturing the new generation of goaltending talent. His coaching journey saw him shaping the skills and mindset of goalies across various teams, including a notable stint with the Sabers hockey club. Having earned a level 4 USA hockey coaching certificate, Juha brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, coupled with enthusiasm to guide goalies toward excellence. 

As Juha steps into his newest role, he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to make a significant impact on the goaltending landscape. His mission? To help goalies enhance their skills, and elevate their game. With a blend of traditional techniques and innovative approaches, Juha is ready to take on a high level of goalie coaching, and in doing so, make his mark on the hockey world. 

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