Sabers to host Thunderbirds weekend of Dec. 8th

by James Karr

Photo by Sophia Mitchell 

The San Diego Sabers are gearing up for an action-packed weekend as they host the Las Vegas Thunderbirds in a three-game series at Icetown Carlsbad. With the last meeting between these teams at the start of the season resulting in a challenging series for the Sabers, they are eager for redemption and a chance to showcase their improvement.

Game Schedule:

  • Friday, Dec. 8 @ 1 PM
  • Saturday, Dec. 9 @ 8 PM
  • Sunday, Dec. 10 @ 1 PM

Venue: Icetown Carlsbad

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This marks the last set of home games for the Sabers before they embark on the Las Vegas Showcase from Dec. 18-20, following a pitstop to face the Shredders in Long Beach on Dec. 16th. The Sabers will also see the return of Mario Paganini from suspension on Sunday, adding depth to their lineup.

Previous Meetings:

At the beginning of the season, the Sabers faced a tough challenge against the Thunderbirds, suffering losses with scores of 3-9, 2-6, and 1-4. However, the Sabers have had time to regroup, and these upcoming games provide an opportunity for them to demonstrate their growth and resilience.

Top Scorers:

Las Vegas Thunderbirds:

  • Josiah Gronholz: 9 goals, 13 assists, 22 points
  • Gavin Frack: 9 goals, 12 assists, 21 points

San Diego Sabers:

  • Felix Gouin (#91): 9 goals, 21 assists, 30 points
  • Mario Paganini (#19): 10 goals, 17 assists, 27 points

Recent Performances:

Las Vegas Thunderbirds:

In their recent outings, the Las Vegas Thunderbirds displayed a mix of results, showcasing both victories and defeats. The team secured a notable 3-6 win against the Casper Roughnecks on November 19, displaying their offensive prowess. However, their performance in the preceding games against the Casper Roughnecks wasn't as favorable, with a narrow 5-4 loss on November 18 and a more significant 7-3 loss on November 17. The Thunderbirds also had a thrilling 7-6 victory in a competitive match against the Bakersfield Roughnecks on October 29 and a solid 4-2 win against the same opponent on October 28.

San Diego Sabers:

On the other side of the ice, the San Diego Sabers faced a challenging stretch in their recent games, encountering a series of losses. The team suffered a 4-2 defeat at the hands of the Bakersfield Roughnecks on December 2 and a more significant 4-7 loss in a previous encounter with the Roughnecks on November 18. In a closely contested game against the Long Beach Shredders on November 17, the Sabers fell short with a narrow 5-4 loss. Their struggles extended further back, experiencing a lopsided 17-1 loss against the Fresno Monsters on November 12 and a 7-3 loss in a prior meeting with the Monsters on November 11. The Sabers are undoubtedly looking to turn the tide in their upcoming series against the Las Vegas Thunderbirds.

Both teams are coming off mixed performances in their recent games, and the upcoming series should promise to be an intense and competitive matchup. The Sabers will look to capitalize on their home advantage and turn the tables against the Thunderbirds. With top scorers on both sides, expect skillful plays and a high-scoring series as the San Diego Sabers aim to make a statement before heading into the Las Vegas Showcase.