Sabers Head to Bakersfield for Weekend Face-Off with Roughnecks

by Lyanna Yeow

What you need to know ahead of the Sabers' game against the Bakersfield Roughnecks:


  • Friday, February 9 at 7:30 PM PST
  • Sunday, February 11 at 12:00 PM PST

Where: Valley Children's Ice Center, Bakersfield, CA


The Sabers will take on the Bakersfield Roughnecks at Valley Children's Ice Center this Friday, February 9 at 7:30 PM PST and on Sunday, February 11 at 12:00 PM PST. The Roughnecks have dominated and taken control over previous matchups and the desire to win against the Roughnecks this season has become the driving force for the Sabers as they enter into the game days this weekend. 

This past three-game series for the Sabers resulted in 2 wins against the Lake Tahoe Lakers while the Bakersfield Roughnecks won one out of three games against the Vernal Oilers. Both teams are coming out of a loss from their previous game and are determined to win on Friday. 

The San Diego Sabers currently are in 6th place with 25 points in the Pacific standings and have a season record of 12-27-1-0. Their leading scorers are Mario Paganini and Tristan Frizado. Paganini currently has 81 points and Frizado has 63 points this season. 

The Bakersfield Roughnecks currently are in 4th place with 49 points in the Pacific standings and have a season record of 23-14-2-1. Their leading scorers are Theo Faucher and Francois-Xavier Marois. Faucher currently has 57 points and Marois has 56 points this season.

Going into this matchup, the Roughnecks have a slightly higher powerplay success rate which is 26.28% compared to the Sabers’ 23.59%. The Roughnecks have an 84.62% penalty-kill percentage which is higher than the Sabers’ 73.21% penalty-kill percentage success rate. 

San Diego Sabers, despite their previous challenges against the Bakersfield Roughnecks, go into the games with the utmost confidence to get their first win against the Roughnecks.